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2007.02.07 - DEMONSTRATION NOTICE: In the event of an actual emergency, this 'notice' box will appear on the home page of the emergency site The notice will include official communication and instruction relative to the emergency situation. Other channels for emergency information are listed below.


During an emergency, UNO may use several resources to disseminate critical emergency information and instructions to the UNO Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors to the UNO campus.  The method may vary and depend upon the critically and time sensitivity of the event. 

Please note that the 4-2911 telephone number is for reporting emergencies only.  Information about an emergency situation will be available from one of the sources below.

  • Audio Announcement System - A dedicated audio announcement system exists is each building and in every student housing suite.  In many locations, there is also a visual alert indication instructing hearing impaired to seek help.  This system, because of their immediacy and proximity, will be utilized in many potential emergency situations.  Alerts and instructions will be controlled by UNO Security.
  • Personal Computer Scroll - Emergency and alert messages will be transmitted to all PCs on the UNO network. The alert message appears in a new window and will scroll across the screen until the emergency announcement is terminated by UNO Security. PC Alert activates each time your PC is turned on. An indication of its activation is reflected in the lower right hand corner of your PC with an icon designated as MessageNet PC Alert.
  • UNO Enotes - In most situations, UNO’s Enotes will be used to communicate emergency information to the campus community.
  • UNO Lotus Notes - Where the information is not time sensitive, a broadcast Email message will be sent to the official Email address of students, faculty and staff.
  • Emergency reports may also be available through KVNO (90.7 FM), KFAB (1110 AM) or KKAR (1290AM) radio stations.
  • UNO provides access to an off-site, mass notification system that will disseminate emergency message via the SMS Text message capabilities of commercial wireless. This is a voluntary, 'opt-in' capability that will require your individual action to subscribe.  The link to this service is


During an emergency situation involving the campus, UNO Security will follow procedures that have been pre-defined for the specific events, such as,

  • Weather (severe storms, tornados, ice/snow closings)
  • Environmental (hazardous, chemical spills, utility troubles)
  • Civil Disturbance (riots, shooters).

As necessary, UNO’s Incident Command Organization may dictate and supplement these procedures as circumstance warrant.

UNO Security will act as the initial focal point for dissemination of information.  UNO University Relations will lead the communications responses subsequent to the initial emergency message.  UNO University Relations will factually assess the situation, develop the necessary communication response and determine the appropriate method for message distribution.  The goal throughout the incident is to provide accurate, timely information to maximize personal safety, minimize rumors and restore order.