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Today: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 6:18 am CST

There are no weather announcements at this time.

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The decision to close the university because of adverse weather conditions will be made by the UNO Chancellor or his or her designee. Should an inclement weather situation arise during the workday, this decision will be made in consultation with a Weather Emergency Committee to be established by the Chancellor. This committee shall have representatives from University Relations, Facilities Management and Planning, the Senior Vice Chancellor's Office for Academic and Student Affairs, Student Services/Registrar's Office, Human Resources and others as input is required.

The Office of University Relations will maintain a current list of news media outlets for public announcement, as well as a recorded message on 554-CALL (554-2255) and an up-to-date announcement on this web page.

The decision and announcement could be one of the following alternatives:*

  1. "All classes and offices at UNO will be closed and no one except essential personnel is to report for work." It is the responsibility of various department heads to determine who the essential personnel are and, if possible, they should report to work. The number of essential personnel necessary may depend on whether the bad weather occurs during a student vacation period or during the semester. Departments that normally need to have essential personnel on duty are Campus Security, Facilities Management and Planning and KVNO Radio/KYNE-TV. Other departments who identify personnel as essential should contact the Director of Human Resources for review. For your convenience, KVNO Radio 90.7 FM will announce UNO closing information at 6:15 a.m."
  2. "All classes at UNO will be closed, however, other business will be conducted as usual. Staff personnel should report for duty."
  3. "All morning classes at UNO have been cancelled and only essential personnel should report for work." A decision regarding afternoon classes and work schedules will be announced mid-morning, and released to the news media so they can help with timely notification. Students, faculty and staff should take responsibility for listening to local broadcast news media for that update.
  4. "UNO will close classes and dismiss staff at (specified time). Essential personnel shall remain on duty or report to work as scheduled."
  5. UNO will be open and all activities will be conducted as usual."

*Each alternative may include a statement concerning off-campus and evening classes (defined as those classes beginning at or after 4 p.m.). As a matter of policy, most of the Omaha news media will not air school openings.