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A TORNADO WATCH means that tornadoes are likely to develop.

A TORNADO WARNING means that a tornado actually has been sighted somewhere in the general area.

If the warning sirens are sounded or a tornado is sighted approaching campus:

1. Proceed immediately to the interior hallway on the lowest floor or basement, unless there are boilers or electrical switch-gear areas housed in the basement. The tornado areas are as follows:

Building Shelter Area
Alumni Lower level rooms 030-032, Boot Strapper Hall (107)
AH First floor west offices except 133 and 147-149
ASH First floor, interior rooms on the south side
BRB Lower Level Hallway between Room 113-137
CPACS Lower level northeast rooms 003, A-B, E-H
CEC Garage
Center Building Basement
Central Utilities Under stairs lower level
DSC Lower level
EAB Lower level east rooms except 040D; central hallway, rooms 005, 009, 040E
FH Mens and womens locker rooms
Fine Arts Lower level
HPER Lower level areas 001-014
KH First floor except mechanical rooms; stairwell
Library First floor rooms 102 (except lounge), 103, 107A
Mammel Hall Restrooms all levels
MBSC First floor TV lounge
PAC North Hallway
PKCC Lower level garage
PKI First floor hallway between rooms 116-146 and 172-193
Parking Structure East Lower level stairwells
Parking Structure West Lower level stairwells
RH Lower level auditorium, rooms 002-009
Sculpture/Ceramics Studio HPER lower level
Annexes Lower level, not in furnace/boiler room
Maverick Village Basement of the Commons Building
University Village Fine Arts lower level
Scott Court First floor hallway
Scott Residence Hall North hallway first floor
Scott Village Basement of the Commons Building

2. If time does not permit, get into the safest area of your classroom or office (the inside wall away from the doors and windows.)

3. Avoid windows, auditoriums, gymnasiums or other structures with free-span roofs and boiler or electrical switch-gear areas.

4. Take shelter underneath your desk or any heavy furniture available.

5. Assume a curled position protecting your head and eyes.

6. All persons should remain in the shelter areas until advised the warning has ended.


For more information contact Campus Security at 554-2648.